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Our sustainable mission

At Terrafibre Europe we have a sustainable mission to complete. It is our aim to create a fully natural and circular way of growing baby greens, plants, vegetables et cetera, both in the homegrown as the professional market. We achieve this by using only 100% natural ingredients in our products. The waste of industrial grown hemp is our base, so all of our products are made from 100% natural fibres. After composting, all our products contribute to a healthy and fertile soil. In this way, the products of Terrafibre Europe contribute to a CO2 zero emission society.

Made from all natural hemp fibres

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Growing the future

All Terrafibre products are made from 100% industrial hemp fibres. The natural fibre provides the strength and water holding capacity necessary for the growth of young plants. The strong yet loose weave of hemp fibre provides the water and air necessary for a high germination rate. Hemp being one of the strongest natural fibres on earth provide the strength of a synthetic fibre while still being fully biodegradable after use, making Terrafibre products the most sustainable on the market.

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Why Hemp?


In Europe and North America, the industrial hemp plant has been primarily grown for the seed, which is being used to in cosmetics, nutrition and food products. The stalk has been a byproduct for a number of years even though it contains incredibly valuable fibre. Our products are made from the strong fibrous outside component of the stalk, bast fibre, which is then cleaned and processed into it final form. There are over 50,000 uses for industrial hemp and we are happy to present you with one more.

Hemp fibre is 100% biodegradable and compostable, encouraging an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to growing. Hemp being one of the strongest natural fibres on earth provides the strength of a synthetic fibre. With a pH level of 6.7, hemp is an ideal fibre for water based solutions. Hemp fibre can hold 1000% of its own weight in water, providing a moist environment for seed germination. The highly absorbent mat provides an ideal root environment for strong growth for microgreens.

Hemp By-Product

Industrial hemp is typically grown for the top 6 inches, which is used for cosmetic & nutritional purposes. Leaving the rest of the fibrous stalk behind as by-product.

100% Biodegradable

All of the Terrafibre products are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We strive to provide our customers with an environmentally friendly option for growing.

From farmers

We take the by-product from farmers & begin producing Terrafibre Hemp Growing Media.

Growing Media
From the by-product, we create and develop hemp fibre growing media products. The terrafibre products can be used for personal use, for small-scale growers or large greenhouses.
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