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Our Try Out Package – Bio Mini Microfarm, is a complete package for growing your own sprouts. You can get started right away, the trays, grow mats and seeds are included and more fun items to dress up your vegetable garden.

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With this Try Out package – Bio Mini Microfarm, you have a complete package to grow your own healthy sprouts. We offer different variations with which you can enrich your meals in taste and beauty. Turn any dish into a professionally prepared lunch or dinner!

Sow your own sprouts easily and cleanly on the Terrafibre grow mats. Experience the convenience, the fun and taste the delicious, healthy home-grown sprouts.

Place the mats in the trays, wet them, spread the seeds over the mat and keep the mat with seeds moist. Within a few days the seeds have sprouted and within a few days they grow into delicious healthy sprouting vegetables. Grow your own superfood at home on the windowsill.

And what makes it completely friendly is that the mats are also 100% biodegradable, so you can simply throw them in the organic waste or on the compost heap after use. The mats are made of 100% arable hemp fibers. With a pH of 6.7, hemp fiber is an ideal fiber for water-based cultivation. Hemp fibers can absorb 10x their own weight in water, creating ideal conditions for seed germination. The high moisture-retaining capacity of the cultivation mats ensures an optimal root environment for sprouts and microgreens.
The arable cultivation of hemp mainly takes place for the seeds. These are used in cosmetics, health and food products and in food supplements. Our products are made from the strong outer fibers of the stem. The natural fibers are strong and have a high water retention capacity, exactly what young plants need. The strong yet loosely woven hemp fibers have an ideal water and air ratio.
Terrafibre products are the most sustainable cultivation products on the market.

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6 Terrafibre groeimatjes, 3 bakjes, 3 schrijfbordjes, 1 krijtje, 3 soorten kiemzaadjes voor 2x zaaien die speciaal geschikt zijn om je ideale lunchgerecht te upgraden én een handige hand-out met tips & tricks.

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